Monday 6 March 2023

Freezing Artic Blast


They have been on about this for a few weeks now, above is what's hit my newsfeed in the last few days. First it was going to be the first week of March and now its the second, and with each post the prediction of snow reaches further and further down the county. 

I know how cold it was on the plot yesterday, with rain forecast for today, I'm staying in doors and assembling my second Loft Conversion for my Plot 1A Greenhouse now that the solar powered twin fans have arrived. 


Snow and ice will blanket the country for the next five days as cold Arctic air sweeps in from the north, temperatures as low as -10C threaten travel disruption and power cuts.

Looking forward for the next 14 days for my area, it's looking hopeful at getting any work done on the allotment and somewhere in there, my new Potting shed is going to be delivered and will need off loading.    

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