Tuesday 28 March 2023

High Street Shopping Trip

Monday was exceptional this March for the fact it was dry and sunny. This year March have been very wet and I have not managed to get as much Infrastructure work completed as I would have liked on the allotment.

After my wife Jen passing away late January, I'm slowly getting to terms with the fact that I'm no longer house bound and have to arrange cover in order to venture out on my own or with others. Emma had some leave booked for today and suggested we venture out on a shopping trip in the rain, so we did.

A visit to the local High Street parking at the bottom and working our way up to the top and then returning. Emma had a few shops she wanted to hit, and as for me I wanted to hit the 99p & £1 shops to see what gardening stuff they had and wilko to get some spuds.

So in Poundland I bought the Gooseberry, Blueberry and Black Current plants for the Boundary beds tat you see at the top of this posting. No longer a £1 but £2 each and that still works out cheaper than buying them in from online companies. 

Propagator Covers and 220mm Gravel Trays at a £1 each so I picked up 3 of each as they will be useful either at home or in the new potting shed that is due to come tomorrow.

Nice small Pots and Tray that I will start off the "Forget Me Nots" that were bought to give away at Jens funeral. These will be my first sowing in the potting shed once it it assembled and ready for action.

I bought six blocks of compressed Coco Soil or Coir that was still £1 a block and hydrates up to 10 litres Plus or minus 10% once water is added. Three blocks will stay at home and 3 blocks will be going down to the allotment and I will be buying more of it next time I or my daughters visit a Poundland.

Slug Barrier Tape £1 to go around the legs to the staging that will be in the new potting shed. I also bought some clear silicone for the windows to the new potting shed, and then we made our way up the High Street towards wilko

There were only a few netting bags of
2kg of Wilko Swift First Early spuds. 

There were also only a few 2kg netting bags of Wilco Charlotte - Salad First Early spuds. It appears we made the trip at the right time for me to get my spuds for the year. 

I picked up these flexi pots in wilko they were the last pack on the shelf but I loved the way the base is sprung such that you can ease up the plant and soil when you want to pot them on. Again with the new potting shed coming why not have a few more toys to play with. 

We stopped for lunch and a coffee / hot chocolate at a well known Mc Dive on the way back down the high street. 

Last time I was in one of these it was decorated like a clown and had a kids train in it. I have to say the make over and better seating is a huge improvement. 

I really could not believe how much my local high street has changed, I've been locked away and not visited it for way too long.  

A couple of more visits into shops that Emma wanted to visit then back to the car and our way back home to unload our shopping. 

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