Tuesday 3 August 2021

Watering & Harvesting Onions


With my daughters being away from Friday to Sunday, combined with the rain there were no allotment visits so I went down to the plot this morning to top up the Quadgrows again. 

Over the weekend I bought a 25 Litre Water Butt from Greenhouse Sensations to make the task of mixing the Nutrigrow easier then I will be able to retire all the pop bottles and the syringes I've been using to measure out the correct amount of nutrient per bottle.

It did start to spit with rain so I spent some time in the greenhouse trimming the foliage back again and exposing more flowers and developing fruit. 

 I only managed to get just under a third of one of the onion beds harvested and placed on the rack before it was time for me to go home and sort my wife out for the day.

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