Sunday, 8 August 2021

Just Working in the Rain!

Looking at the forecast for this morning I could see that there was supposed to be a dry gap between 6am - 9am so I made sure that I arrived 
after 8am when it was still dry.

I harvested all the remaining red onions from the bed and took them to the potting table behind the Plot 1 Greenhouse that has the half parasol set up then as the rain started I could still trim them up and wiped them dry and clean then hanging the onions in the blow-a-way greenhouse frame which is used as staging and to support the water butt.

Used up all the pop bottes of water & Nutrigrow to fill up the four Quadgrows, from now on I will be using the 25L water butt.

Gigantomo tomatoes putting on a little weight which is good to see

Crimson Plum tomatoes forming, the Blight Resistant Crimson range is also growing out on the plot. Other plot holders have reported blight on the site bit I'm hoping that my tomatoes hold there own and manage to ripen.

Swing F1 Cucumbers

Harvested some Courgettes and one that thinks it's a marrow and some Cucumbers and raspberries. Waited for a break in the rain to get back to the car in the dry and came home early as rain forecast more or less all day today.

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