Wednesday 4 August 2021

Water Butt Set Up


Another early visit to continue the harvesting of the onions from the white onion bed and the rack was nicely filled to capacity. I need to make another rack for next years harvest.

The 25 Litre Water Butt from Greenhouse Sensations was dropped off last night and this morning I set about assembling it, filling it and adding the Nutrigrow  A and B as the correct volume so much easier than all that pop bottle filling up. 

I've cut a length of hose and placed a standard connection end that fits the water butt tap one end and have used one of the twist nozzle sprayers from ASDA on the other end.  I cable tied a hook to the side of the frame to hold the hose and sprayer head when not in use. 

The red onions I have placed in the blow-a-way greenhouse frame being used as staging in the plot 1 greenhouse.

I still have just over a beds worth to harvest on the next visit to the plot. 

As can be seen in the photo above if the onion beds, the mares tail is storming through the woodchipped paths and the beetroot bed above has a lot of weeds in it and around it. 

The weeds love this warm and wet weather that we have been having through July and into early August. Two weekends of not visiting the plot has really not helped me to keep on top of the weed situation. 

Cucumbers and Gherkins are growing well and developing fruits, I did manage to rescue a couple that had started to grow into the mesh and there will be some to harvest this weekend I would assume.  

Looks like rain on and off between Thursday and Sunday, just hoping for some dry in there Saturday or Sunday morning so I can harvest the rest of the onions and perhaps some first early potatoes in buckets.   

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