Tuesday 20 July 2021

Watering & Shed Re-Roofing


When I arrived at 7am the whole plot was in shade. I set the sprinkler up so that it would water the Raspberries and the Rhubarb at the start of plot 1

I then set about stripping the Heath Robinson repairs to the shed roof on plot 1A which is at the opposite end of the plots and remains in shade until about 10am when as it happens is when I had to make my way home.

I'm using a good grade tarp and have cut timber roofing battens, drilled and screwed them so that they are ready for fixing all around the edges tomorrow. 

I want the tarp to lay in the sun and let the heat flatten the folds in it out. I laid some polycarbonate sheets on the eves both sides and I did wonder about perhaps once the tarps is fixed all around perhaps I should overlay the whole thing with the polycarbonate I have?

Sections of an old mesh fireguard let some air flow into the greenhouse via the door but keep the nosy fox from getting in there and running a mock. The tomato plants  are now up to eaves level and soon I will have to nip the tops off.  I just hope I actually get some tomatoes this year as I'm reading that allotment growers locally are dealing with blight.

I have no idea why the allotment agapanthus I've grown has a white flower when the plant I got the seeds from to grow it, has blue flowers! 

When asking why on one of the forums I have been informed that they only way of ensuring the same colour is to split the original mother plant up and growing from seeds they can develop flowers that are a different colour.

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