Friday 2 July 2021

Moving Pauline

My sister-in-law Pauline came up from her new home in Horley by train to visit us for a spot of lunch and so that I can help her move some of her tools from her three sheds on plots 6 & 7 down to her new plot on the allotment that is behind her plot. 

I managed to get in her wheel barrow and all her digging tools plus her late husbands toolbox and a lawn mower and camping chair, bed covering membrane etc. in the back of the car.

Google Map view of Pauline's Allotment site and single half 125 square metre plot. the main paths are wide enough that cars can be taken into the site for dropping off and picking up purposes. 

Pauline standing at the path at the end of her plot. She has inherited a six by four foot shed. 

No woodchip paths on this allotment all paths are grass. A view from the corner of the plot with the two grass paths that are currently in need of some trimming. 

This is the opposite corner of the plot that has an apple tree, and we measured and there is just enough room for her to get her greenhouse in between the shed and the tree with perhaps a bed in front of the greenhouse. 

Side view into the side/ top end of the plot with the fruit cage. 

Side view into the bottom end of the plot. 

There is at least another one if not two trips needed to move everything Pauline wants to take to her new plot which will happen in a few weeks time. 

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