Monday 5 July 2021

Pauline's New Plot


I asked my sister in law if she had managed to do anything on her allotment bearing in mind the wet weather we have been having and she sent me these photos. The one above is taken from the path between plots just in front of her shed looking at the top of her plot. 

The bed at the end of the plot has a concrete kerb around it and now the paths have been cut and the weeds have been pulled and the bed covered with weed membrane it's looking very tidy. The strawberry bed in the middle is now also weed free. 

The paving slab path down the middle of the plot has now been exposed and thus the left side of the plot has been cleared, now the very overgrown right side with the overgrown collapsed fruit cage needs to be investigated and gradually worked into when Pauline actually get some dry weather.   

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