Sunday 25 April 2021

Second Early & Maincrop Spuds

A great morning on the allotment which started a little chilly 7:30 but by 1pm the fleece was off and tied around my waist to keep my lower back warm. I actually caught a sun tan on my face and arms so it looks like its time to start putting on some sun tan lotion.

Mayan Rose - Main Crop - D.T.Brown put into a bed, covered with hoops and debris netting to hold the frost off a little. Excess given to John on plot 10.

New! McCain Shepody - Early Main Crop - Dobies into 30 litre buckets. New! Stemster - Main Crop - Dobies into 30 litre buckets. Covered with the bottom of a bread basket to keep the foxes off and stop them digging.
I learnt that hydrating coir on the plot is a very long drawn out process using a color gas cooker and 1 litre kettle.
New! Sarpo Kifli - Main Crop - D.T.Brown to go into buckets on a future visit once I have hydrated some coir at home and taken to the plot.

I used compost from one of my Daleks up on plot 1A which looked smelt and felt wonderful. Anthea & Bill are dropping me off some great quality compost from their trading hut this afternoon which I will use if I don't have enough of my own compost.

Two green manure beds strimmed one broken up with the claw then covered with weed membrane for the worms to take down into the ground for me. I may move the potatoes in buckets over to that bed to assist in withholding light.
One panel on the plot 1A Greenhouse bodge repaired using bulldog clips until I can find the fixing tool for the plastic strips.
New spuds watered in and raspberries watered again today. Pressure is really low in the system and I can't quite work out why at the moment.

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