Saturday 24 April 2021

Lets Get Sowing (At Last)

I've been holding off from sowing anything and ignoring my plan as I've had far too much going on at home and I don't have the portable growing stations set up this year. It's been a very cold April and many nights of sub zero temperatures, but now I have removed the two shelves of chitting potatoes to the plot and have some in and other waiting in the greenhouse, I have the space to get sowing. 

wilko Beetroot Cylindra - 25p a pack normally bought in the end of season sale for 10p for 150 seeds. I these are just right for slicing and pickling 4 seeds per cell x 40 cells so 160 seeds good job I have four packs of these seeds. 

With 105 cell planting membrane I will fill just over third of a bed and will sow another trays worth in four weeks time so I have longer harvesting period and less pickling to do all at once.  

Two number 28 cell module trays of Marshalls Tyson F1 Sweetcorn 30 seed per pack at £2.99 each sown. These were a new variety in 2019 when I grew the Marshalls Alliance sweetcorn which were also a new variety that year and grew so well (Read Review here). 

Tyson F1 are a super sweet 20 kernel thick cob circumference variety that are said to be delicious straight from the plant or grilled on a barbecue. I can't say I have ever eaten sweetcorn raw straight from harvesting, now there is something to try this year. 

With lockdown in 2020 I didn't get to grow any sweetcorn so I'm hoping Marshalls Tyson F1 are as good if not better than Alliance, check back in late August early September 2021 to see.

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