Friday 5 March 2021

Keter Store

I was going to get rid of the old Keter store that I inherited when I took over plot 1. It's been on the edge of the plot full of debris and other junk. It looks as if the previous plot holder once had two of these, but the lid hinges are broken and a side panel was pushed in to become a base. 

Basil the allotment fox has been tearing into sacks of compost that I have on the plot and I have some compost and farm yard manure coming shortly and though it was worth saving the store just to protect any sacks of compost etc. 

First thing I did was empty the keter store and then cut down the side that had been forced into the bottom so that it fitted better. Next job was to get a couple wheel barrows of woodchip and infill between the two paved areas such that there was a solid base for the Keter store to stand upon.

This may not be its permanent home but I will be keeping it for protecting sacks of compost and fertiliser. 

To secure I laid the roof on and put a block on diagonal corners. 

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