Sunday 7 March 2021

Base to New Greenhouse


Slabs removed from the area and greenhouse lifted onto nearby bed frame.

Corners drilled and screwed as all the other bed frames and then the corner anchor plates won for being the Grow Your Own magazine Grapevine forum Member of the Month in November 2016 were screwed in place. 

I have no idea who makes the corner spikes or where you can buy them from, as the people who ran the forum would just send the Member of the month something that had been sent to them to review and that was in the cupboard as a prize. What I do know is that they have sat in the shed waiting for an ideal build and assisting anchoring a polycarbonate greenhouse is a great use for them.

The weed membrane was cut from around the spikes and the 12" Power Planter auger was used to free up the soil under the spikes as hitting the corners with a load spreader plate and a lump hammer just was not working.

The frame was tapped into place in the highest corner and leveled in both directions and a layer of new compost was laid to level ready for the slabs to be re installed within the greenhouse

Meanwhile an owl came to the Raspberry Beds and watched what was going on

The Battenberg paving slabs need trimming to fit inside, so it looks as if I have a first job for my Ryobi angle grinder. I started filling in the margins to the path and the timber base to the greenhouse with the nice new delivery of woodchips.

I only had chance to top up one secondary path to the top of the paving slab level before coming home home for Sunday Lunch.

I was very happy with the mornings five hours on the plot, and I'm really looking forward to getting the framework completed and the greenhouse clad on Friday when my daughter Kelly is going to give me a hand as a Birthday treat.

This morning around 8:30 thanks to the Arbtalk web site I got a telephone call from a tree surgery company looking to dump a load of woodchip, Within 20 minutes he was with us and dropped the load in front of the existing woodchip pile. 

If you are looking for free wood chips for use on your allotment you can create a listing for free and get generous quantities delivered by a tree surgeon working in your area. Simply click on the ‘add new tip site’ button over at the Arbtalk wood chip tip site directory.

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