Saturday 13 March 2021

Greenhouse Cladding 2


Up early and down to the allotment by around 7:45 and greeted by a number of panels that didn't make it through the night and had blown out. I had two battery drills with me one with the 2.5mm drill and the other with the screwdriver bit and slowly I worked my way around the greenhouse fixing the panels back with the self tappers. 

The panels were breathing in and out as the door and the panels in the roof for the opening vent weren't in place and the air was flowing in and out of the openings. I had a search in the shed and found the last of the fitting for the opening vent and door and assembled them both. 

The opening vent and the panel below was fitted and the door hung the weather seals need to be fitted to the door on the next visit and if not so windy then the silicone can bed applied around the perimeter of the panels either inside or our or perhaps both. 

Gable left panel fixings

Mid Panel fixings   

Right panel fixings 

Looks like Mr Fox took a lot of care to shit on the brick.

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