Sunday 14 March 2021

Greenhouse Cladding 3


Sunday morning visit a little later than usual. When I arrived one of the fixing strips on the roof panels  had popped and I re fitted that then set about applying the silicon on the Gable front face panels as it was a lot less windy then yesterday. 

I took the door off and installed the two rubber seals then rehung the door with some added WD40 on the sliding faces so that it slides easier. I took the angle grinder to three of the slabs internally, two I cut successfully and one broke when I was trying to chip off the cut. 

The Quadgrow was unpacked and semi installed in the greenhouse, I've got the two corner slabs to cut on the entrance face and get in place before I can look at finish off sorting out the inside of the greenhouse, but essentially the greenhouse is up still needs some tweaks and covering in debris netting and the vent opener fixing in place.

I now have somewhere to shelter from the rain, if I get caught out on the plot. 

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