Friday 26 February 2021

Scaffold Poles in The Raspberry Beds

I arrived at the allotment at 7:30 after clearing the ice off the windscreen, it was 9C when I went to bed at around 11pm I was not expecting frost and I had not covered the chitting spuds in the Space Saver Greenhouse. Note to self check those little dudes out!

There was a mist over the plot and a file on one of the plot was still smouldering and the smoke was hitting the mist and with the sun coming up over the buildings on the boundary it looked just like a graveyard scene from an old horror movie.

Frost was on everything including the green manure. It looks as if the plot fox is now bedding down of an evening on this bed looking at the recess that has been getting more consolidated over the last week.

Painting and doing anything to the cut timbers for the beds was out of the question until the sun had thawed them, so I started off by doing a little more digging of the square foot garden bed.

As I started working my way back I looked at the materials stored in this corner and thought, I may as well clear some of this out of the way, so the long timbers were moved to behind the Dalek army and the scaffold poles that were under the yellow tarp were moved out which distracted me from digging and weeding.

I had noticed a few visits ago that some weeds were starting to grow in the raspberry beds and now I had scaffold pole out and exposed I popped to the car and got my Ryobi drill and long Power Planter Auger and set about drilling some 600mm deep holes in the ends of the beds and installing the scaffold tube standards. (A standard is the term for a vertical tube)

The 600mm x 600mm Rhubarb beds were relocated on the 4th Raspberry beds, which as yet don't have any Raspberry plants in and holes in the ground, sorta 75mm diameter and round were drilled or angered out using the Power Planter and Ryobi Drill

I have to say that I love the Power Planter range of Augers. The one in the photo is the 3"x 24 Extended length Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger

I'm going to move the bulbs in the green to along the path between plot 1 and Plot 2 and the smaller Power Planter bits like the 207 and 307 Models are ideal for that. I also have to form a trench from the corner of the plot to the tap and water butt which I will use the Power Planter 312 deep cultivating bit for.

I weeded the Raspberry beds and then made a couple of trips to the wood chip heap in the drop off and pick up area and cover the beds in about 25mm of the the pine woodchip mulch.

I was going to move the paving slabs that have been stacked wither side of the shed door, but they are 400mm square and not 450mm like the rest of the slabs on the main path on plot 1. There were two 600mm square slabs that I have placed at the corner of the shed that infill that area a little too well and I need to move the slabs under the extension to the shed about 5mm for a perfect fit.

The slabs need some levelling bit it looks as if I will use them for a small paved area in front of the shed and as a secondary link to the main path to the allotment entrance. Bottom line is I need to keep an eye out on freecycle for some more 450mm or 600mm slabs so that I can have a paved path from the entrance. I may have to steal some slabs from secondary paths on plot 1A to achieve that faster and then replace.

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