Saturday 20 February 2021

Painting Bed Timbers


After many wet days finally a dry morning and I was on the plot by 8:30. I enjoyed the solitude until about 10:30 when the first of many plot holders started to roll in. 

Andys padlock has ceased up and he could not get into his shed despite the small tin of WD40 I lent him. He will have not option other than to angle grind the lock or break off the hasp & staple. He is returning in the morning with some tools!

Once again I'm underwhelmed with the Ronseal one coat (my arse) shed and fence paint, yes I know it's water based but No it does not do what it says on the tin. As I'm applying it, I'm asking myself why am I bothering and noticing how the year old beds have weathered. I foolishly bought quite a lot of tins when it was on offer and may as well use them, some protection is better than nothing. 

All the timbers were laying flat and the wind was such that a few were blown over when standing on edge to dry. By midday I had two sets of SFG bed timbers painted and two sets of Rhubarb bed timbers cut and painted with their first coat.  

The main job next visit will be to drill the pilot holes and to give all the timbers another coat of paint.  Hopefully I can at least dig out and weed the first Square Foot Gardening beds in the next 7 - 10 days. With no work because of lockdown and waiting for the vaccine to get in my system and then waiting for the second dose, I'm hoping leg willing to get down here and crack on with the infrastructure.     

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