Saturday 6 February 2021

Chitting in The Greenhouse

New! Potato Premiere - First Early - Mr Fothergill's 
These are exactly the size one expects seed potatoes to be. The bag is a 1.5kg bag and as a result I have 35 seed potatoes so if 3 per buckets that's 12 buckets required for these.  

New! Home Guard - First Early - Dobies
1 kg Bag and 16 spuds, they had long chits when they arrived but had grown more whilst waiting for me to get their shelves ready in the greenhouse. All long white spindly chits rubbed off and now placed in better colder conditions.

New! Acoustic - Second Early - Mr Fothergill's
1.5 kg bag with an expectation of 15-20 seed potatoes and 16 in the sack. Temporary crate until I can access the mushroom tray.  

New! Mayan Rose - Main Crop - D.T.Brown 
Funny that the colour of the chitts look more like the spuds are supposed too. 1.5kg bags, each pack containing approx. 15-20 tubers.  22 Seed Potatoes Arrived again a nice sized seed potato.   

New! Stemster - Main Crop - Dobies
1 kg Bag Stemster

New! Sarpo Kifli - Main Crop - D.T.Brown
Sarpo Kifli 1.5kg bag, each pack containing approx. 15-20 tubers, as you can see 17 seed potatoes but 5 or 6 are much larger than one would expect if seed potatoes. 

New! McCain Shepody - Early Main Crop - Dobies
1kg bags, Nothing said about how many seed potatoes to expect but received 17 and only one potatoe was what I would say on the large size. 

Photo with fleece over before I found the propagator lids and bubble wrap to give another level of protection against frost attack.  

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