Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sprouts and Spring Flowers in the Comfrey Bed

The plan was a 50:50 split between plot 1A and 23B the reality was so much rain yesterday that I continued clearing the paths of weeds around bed 12 and 13 and cleaned up Bed 3 the Sprouts and stayed on Plot 1A all morning.

The excess of red wigglers in Dalek 3 have returned into the compost, it may have been too wet or hot for them, it could have been the liquid from the decaying pumpkins but this morning a half dozen in the lid and some on the surface doing there thing

The second video shows the other areas of work on the plot and a surprise I found in the comfrey bed when I used it all up to use as an activator for the new layers of sprout leafs in Daleks 2,3 & 4 

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