Sunday, 22 November 2015

Runner Beans and Parsnips

Snow yesterday morning for about 20 minutes that didn't settle but overnight the temperatures dropped well below freezing and there was frost on the roofs, cars and ground. The overwintering onions and cabbages had a nice layer of frost on them when I arrived at the allotment.

The foliage in bed 9 Parsnips and Carrots was all laying on the deck with a frosting.

Continuing with the winter clean up I harvest runner beans for seed, which took most of the morning as I cut up all the bean foliage and stalks as small as possible and topped up daleks 2,3 & 4 which had all dropped about 100-150mm.

By midday the sun was out and nicely warming my lower back which has been playing me up a little the last week or so, and beautiful my robin and I were the only ones nutty enough to be playing on the allotment today.

I started thinning out the parsnips, and from the looks of it there are plenty more to be pulled up, I just hope that the others will continue to grow and I have not left it to late to thin them.

The more I think about it the less I want to give up plot 1A, I have it for another year and two contractors have dropped out of the deal to develop the site behind the allotment. Some one will do it but I will keep 1A for as long as I can whilst getting 23B ready between now and April.

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