Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Goffee Grounds, Pumpkins & Parsnips

My sister managed to acquire a box and a sack of coffee grounds which I collected when I picked her up last night from behind the coffee shop.

So this morning a visit to plot 1A to drop them off and also feed the Halloween pumpkins to Daleks 3 & 4,

The red wigglers were going mad and many were on the underside of the lid of the Daleks.

I decanted the dry coffee from the greenhouse into a 70 litre storage bucket
with lid and one of the sacks into another 70 litre storage bucket with lid.

Some has been laid out on trays to dry and the rest has made it on top of the pumpkins in the Daleks.

After 3 weeks of wanting to see how the parsnips are doing in bed 9 I finally pulled a couple from the edge and I was pleasantly surprised with what came out of the ground. I will try and thin what's in there and leave some to get larger and wait for them to get hit by the frost before I harvest them, hopefully for Christmas Dinner.

I have harvested half of the carrots from the end of the bed and I will get the other half after Emma and I have noshed our way through them.

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