Sunday 4 August 2013

Sunday 4th August 2013

Up and down on the allotment for 7:30 - hit Bed 7 and weeded filing two tugs of weeds, I have sweet corn  ??? Thursday nothing, now there is hairy stuff half way up the stem of the corn.
  •  I weeded Beds 2 - 4 and re-ran the hose pipe - dug a slot for it to go in front of the paving slabs so no
  •  more trip hazard and have now pegged it in place down the main central path.
  •  Sorted out the grapes
  •  Sorted out all the 2ltr pop bottles
  •  Harvested some radishes which a really hot, just how I like them, I had some yellow radish and having
  •  never seen yellow ones, chucked them
  •  Found a snail in mid munch and gave him a real telling off before he was thrown over the wall onto the road.
  • Tidy up the shed.
So by 12:30 when I left to go home for lunch, I had five blag bags of weeds.
Jen and I popped back in the afternoon, I fixed the metal bracing onto the bench so that can be used without the fear that it will collapse, and weeded the Comfrey patch, whilst Jen watered the plot. So all in all about six and a half hours invested today.


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