Friday 16 August 2013

Friday 16th August 2013 - Update

I've been too busy to get up to the allotment during the day (lunch time) and I've had my daughter working with me in the office again this week. So I've had time for a couple of quick 1/2 hour pub visits for a pint for me and girly drink for her and a couple of pub door stop sandwiches plus a shared pot of chips. Good job I work between two pubs isn't it  ;)

Two evening visits during the week to water the toms under cover until this afternoon.

I had today off and it rained in the morning, but this afternoon was lovely, sunny and bright, so Jen and I had a couple of hours on the allotment before we picked up our daughters from work. Jen watered and I installed the lawn edging and then we fixed the weed membrane and put woodchip on the paths. That nice Surbie100 is letting me have some of her excess strawberries, and I'm going to pick them up over the weekend weather permitting, and bed 9 is going to be their new home.

The milk bottle under the comfrey path is filling nicely.

The landscape contractor starts the front drive on Monday, so I'm hoping to have the 600 x600mm ex council slabs on site and the centre path installed, on Monday as well.

Nearly forgot, visited the garden centre to pick up some more Little Gem Lettuce seeds - could not resist looking and also buying Lettuce Mini Green seeds which are mini iceberg hearts about tennis ball size the pack says
Tantan Lettuce - A slightly larger little Gem type lettuce
Runner Bean

Well they are at 50% off

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