Saturday 3 August 2013

3rd August 2013

Captains Log 03-08-2013 21:01 - It's been a busy day, spent most of it clearing out the brick gardening shed/ store and fitting up shelves to the rear as I'm sick to death of stacking stuff up in there for it only to fall out on onto me when I open the door. I've had the wood saved from an old tall boy wardrobe for years in there waiting for me to get around to doing it, and finally I have.

Everything is now so neat and tidy and I have hooks on the back of the door for spade, shovel and fork plus a lot more and I can actually find things now (and yes I did find a lot of thing I forgot I had because they were buried at the back. (not to mention a number of balls of string)

An evening visit to the allotment, Jen watered and I cut Comfrey up and filled the pipe to about a 18" of it's capacity. There is a photo of the weight and end cap (100mm 4" pot saucer). I harvested my first home grown spring onions, last year they were kind off stunted, and never grow big enough to eat.

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