Friday 9 August 2013

Friday 9th August 2013

No Wednesday visit and too busy for a lunchtime visit

Thursday 8th August - picked up some more eye bolts for the grape wires lunchtime and an evening visit with Jen to water the Toms and other plants (forgot the drill - Doh!) - could not believe how the weeds had grown over a few days.

I have trouble getting a fork in the ground but the weeds have no problem growing

Jen watered as I weeded bed 8 and sprayed un-dug bed 9 with weed killer - did the rest of that side of the plot where the weeds are coming up around the edges of the carpet and plastic sheets

Despite my warning the straps have been fitted over the crack, shame they are not actually in contact with the wall at the top

I'm going to measure the wall with a plumb bob and send a report to them, but anyone can see the strap at the top will do nothing until the wall moves at least another 10mm and makes contact with the strap/

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