Saturday 24 August 2013

Saturday 24th August 2013

Ok not a lot of allotment action since Monday 19th when the slabs were taken to the plot.

I have been back a couple of times since Monday to water the toms in the green/ grow house.

The drive was completed Wednesday 21st and I used a wheelbarrow and brought in a pallet and a half of un-used mixed colour paving blocks to use under the plinth of ornaments in front of the two Ketter sheds. Jen bless her stacked the blocks for me in the back garden, on the BBQ patio area.

Friday 23rd - Came home to find that someone had attempted to force the front door! The police have been but could not find any fingerprints and a locksmith has fitted new "anti snap" lock and new door handles for us, so we can double lock easily.

Saturday 24th - The rain is stopping play today and it's looking like there will be no Sunday Morning joy as the forecast is again "light rain" - I would not call what we have had today as light rain!

Arrrrrrhhhhh - I really want to get on with the allotment.

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