Saturday 30 March 2024

Thank You Storm Nelson

Storm Nelson brought gusts of 50mph, with a Met Office yellow weather warning for wind covering London and the South East, the South West and east of England on Friday 29th March.

Wally my plot neighbour rang on Friday to say that one of my windows on the potting shed had been sucked out and was cracked. He had tried to push it back in place rather than leave it flapping about. 

The photo above left doesn't really show the section of window that had broken off very well. The photo above right is the repair I made using some thin polycarbonate twin wall sheeting. 

I was lucky I had some thin twin wall sheeting and unscrewed the battens that hold the window panels in place and cut a sheet to fit into the hole.

I cut slots in the bottom so that the panel is held at the sides and middle behind the grove in the timber cladding, but have the sheeting projecting over the outer edge of the grove such that water drains off and down the front of the timber rather than into the grove. 

This is intended to be a temporary fix until I can get a replacement panel, as I don't want wildlife or rain getting into the potting shed. 

Bones my security guard had also been pulled off the scaffold pole he was fixed too, but Emma tied him back up. and she was cleaning up and weeding whilst I was fixing the potting shed. 

Storm Nelson also took the loft conversion off the plot 1A greenhouse and the louvers have come off and the fans are hanging inside, however it remained in one piece so was replaced in the opening and bricks put on to offer some resistance to uplift during the next storm, until I can make a better repair and put in some timber batten and straps so it can never happen again. 

Phot taken by Emma of the weeds removed along the main path 

Weeds removed along the secondary paths between the beds. 

Weeds removed from behind the Daleks on plot 1 

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