Tuesday 29 November 2022

More Basil in 2023

If you are a regular visitor to manVslug.uk then you will know that I've not really been into herbs until earlier this year when I grew Basil Ganovese supplied by Joe as part of the Joe Mills - Grow With Me for 2022. Now I'm hooked and in 2023 I'm trying two additional varieties of basil that are New for 2023 to Suttons and Organic Gardening Catalogue.

for 2023 Code 70 00 15 Basil Loki - Organic Gardening Catalogue - 140 Seeds - £1.99

Basil Loki is a new generation of Genovese basil armed with improved resistance to mildew and is the ultimate selection for organic growers. 

Downy mildew is a common problem with basil, and it can rapidly spread through neighbouring plants. Basil ‘Loki’ resists infection and has also been bred to adapt to our cooler UK climate, producing crops of bright green, healthy leaves throughout the summer. 

Sow under glass - Feb-June
Plant out              - May - June
Sow Outside        - June
Spacing                - 250mm x 250mm
Harvest                - June - October 

Sow in a propagator on a windowsill, cover with 5mm compost. Germination 14-21 days. Grow on, plant out after frosts 200 - 250mm apart. Can be sown direct outside in June. 
Height and spread: 300mm (12").

for 2023 Code 10 02 82 Basil Purple Ball - Suttons 15 Seeds - £3.99 

Basil ‘Purple Ball’ is so ornamental, it can even be used as a foliage filler alongside brightly coloured bedding in a container or window box. 

A Greek-style variety, it bears small, highly flavoured, purple leaves which naturally grow into a dense ball. Wonderful for edging veg beds or as a decorative addition to the kitchen window sill, this clove-flavoured culinary herb is indispensable for tomato-based dishes. Height and spread: 300mm (12”).

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