Wednesday 9 November 2022

In My Seedbox for 2023 - Onion Sets

Last year I bought an Autumn Planting Onion Set Collection from D.T.Brown which included 3 x 250g each (80 sets approx.) of Radar £3.95, Electric £3.95 and Snowball £3.95 = £11.85 Reduced by £2 to £9.85 and the weekend I bought them when there was a code for free post and packing.

This year I'm getting Mr Fothergills Red Karman & Pink Panther Sets

Red Karmen & Pink Panter are both selling at £4.25 for 250g at the time of blogging this (Nov 2022)

Karmen has an exceptionally sweet taste that makes this red onion perfect for salads, sliced on top of burgers, or any cooked dishes that require a light, sweet onion.  Crisp white flesh with crimson circles.  

Pink Panther are a sought-after variety, which produces a generous crop of tasty, somewhat flat-topped onions. Unusual pink skinned variety, its red flesh has a mild, sweet flavour when cooked – and if you have more than you need, they will last well when stored.

No kitchen garden is complete without onions.  All of Mr Fothergills bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

250g pack typically contains around 80 sets for planting so using the 105-hole planting membrane that's at least two beds of onion sets for 2023.

Both Onion sets get Despatched From the 10th January 2023.

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