Tuesday 8 November 2022

Evesham Special Brussels Sprouts

Evesham Special Brussels Sprout

Looking at my seed box a lot of my Brussels Sprouts seeds are getting a little old, so I decided to look at the cost of buying a new packet of seeds. 

I decided on Evesham Special because I have grown them before and they are an old traditional English variety producing medium height, strong growing plants and yielding heavy crops of solid, good, flavoured sprouts from September to December. 2½ft (75cm).

I was initially surprised how few of the UK seed suppliers I have on my list in the left margin are actually selling them in 2023. Then thinking about it perhaps it isn't strange as most of those not selling them are usually more expensive, perhaps those larger companies are realising they can't or don't want to compete on price for traditional heirloom seeds these days.  

Ordered by Cost and then Number of seeds


Supplier                       Number Seed - Cost  

Budget Seeds            -     80 Seeds -      29p

Bargain Seeds           -     25 Seeds -      29p

Seeds To Suit            -     20 Seeds -      39p

More Veg                   -     15 Seeds -      60p

SeeKay Horticultural  -    300 Seeds -     85p

Premier Seeds Direct - 2500 Seeds -      99p

Seed Megastore       -    900 Seeds -       99p

Simply Seeds            -    250 Seeds -      99p

Seed Parade             -    250 Seeds -      99p

Seeds To Sow           -    200 Seeds - £1.25

Mole Seeds                -   10grams    - £1.90

ChilternSeeds            -    372 Seeds - £1.95

Mr Fothergills            -    500 Seeds - £2.15

Johnsons                   -    500 Seeds - £2.40

Not stocking or selling Evesham Special Brussel Sprouts his year

D.T. Brown, Dobies, Gardening Direct, Groves Nurseries, Growseed, Jungle Seeds, Kings Seeds, Marshalls, Nickys Nursery, Plant World Seeds, Real Seeds, Robinsons Mammoth, Seedaholic, Seed Co-operative, Simpsons Seeds, Suttons, Thompson & Morgan, Tucker Seeds, Unwins

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