Sunday 20 February 2022

Sunday Morning Visit

This morning I got in a good four hours on the plot. I hit the area between the Plot 1 Greenhouse and the Comfrey Butts, and finally cleared of debris and I managed to find 3 squared flower buckets of very black looking decaying woodchips and infilled the depression in the ground and found enough broken slabs to make a semi hard standing for the rubbish bins, that hold compost and other goodies I don't want the foxes getting into.

Rubbish Bin storage area once most of the rubbish bins and empty flower buckets had been gathered up.

 View behind the the Plot 1 Greenhouse looking towards the Rubbish Bin storage area.

Photo of the bin store area just before going home once all the lids had some bricks on and the bread tray gate to capture any wind blown pots was put in place.

Water, Comfrey and Nettle Butts that were all blown over Friday and the lids to the rubbish bin butts damaged back in place and bricks placed inside as no water to fill them up at the moment on site. Dirt and slate chipping on the paving slabs in front to be picked up and separated during a future visit.

All the milk bottle soft bricks and buckets with lids of sand that were stored under the plot 1A potting table, were removed and the sand decanted into the cut down water butt that I'm going to use to grow Carrots. 

The water butt to the greenhouse was tucked around the back of the shed as it's going to be windy again this afternoon. 

Photo at the right is the cut down sand water butt at the end of the morning once all the sand found had been decanted into it. the level of the sand will rise as the bores are extracted and filled with compost. The lid was put on and the Dalek was placed over it to keep everything out and help warm up the sand a little.

Two full and a cut slab added to the side of the patio area and the path behind Square Foot Gardening Bed lined up and completed. It was nice to sit there and have a couple of coffee breaks during the morning.

View up the plot from the main allotment path, the bulbs on the left of the paving slabs are all coming up nicely, I'm really hoping they don't come up blind. It will be so good then the final Square Foot Garden Bed is dug weeded and installed.

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