Wednesday 16 February 2022

In The Mood For Sowing

Looking at my sowing plan there are brassicas that need sowing now and once germinated can happily go out into an unheated greenhouse, that's if it survives Fridays storms! 

Normally I go for Westlands Seed Compost but TESCO have not had it in yet, but what I do have in my sowing store is a bag of Miracle-Gro Multipurpose Compost which I spent some time a few days ago sieving to get the lumps and friable dross out of it to get something more akin to seed compost. I also have a sack of Dalefoots Wool Compost for seeds and a Carbon Gold Biochar Seed Compost. 

For these sowings I have decided to mix equal measures of the 3 of them and see what happens.   

Last year I didn't have any Brussels Sprouts for Christmas and I'm determined to make sure I have some this year so looking at the seeds in my box and what's in date and just out of date I have decided on growing the following:-

In the last nine years I have never been able to grow Cauliflowers as magnificent as I did that first year I got my plot and basically had no idea what I was doing! Hopefully 2022 is going to be a great year and I'm really looking forward to growing the De Purple F1 

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