Tuesday 15 February 2022

Grow With Me 2022 - Catching Up

Finally caught up with Joe Mills - Grow With Me 2022 this morning after the compost had time to warm up in the house over night, and now I will have to wait and see if the Basil is any better spaced out than Jenny Mills managed in Video #3.

I'm doing the little compost experiment again with the sowing of the Vilma in Video #2 to see which one produces the better seedling.

For me this is at least a month earlier than the earliest I normally grow tomatoes, but with the blight last year, I'm willing to give it a bash and have an earlier crop.

If push comes to shove Joe provided enough seed for a complete re-sow a little later or seeds for next year.

The one on the right looks dry because it is, I wanted the different compost to be apparent in the photo, as when watered just after they all look dark and similar when wet.

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