Sunday 19 December 2021

Moving Bulbs & Rhubarb Bed 3

A very foggy start to a 8 degree C morning on the allotment, when I arrived Andy was already removing the weeds from bed 13 Bless him. I jumped onto getting the infrastructure for Rhubarb Bed 3 in place. So good to see the new tenants clearing their plot, and our fire chief John was as always happy to help with the burning of the debris. I have high hopes for the new plot holders of Plot 14.

The security guard complete with his dew covered cob webs looked on as I worked on the Path and Rhubarb Bed 3

I spent most of the morning working on the path between Rhubarb Bed 2 and what will be Rhubarb Bed 3. So much Couch Grass and Bind Weed was removed

I noticed something move out the corner of my eye and the security guard wasn't the only thing watching me this morning.

Once I had got half a forks depth past the edge of the path between Rhubarb Bed 2 and 3 I levelled and removed two square buckets of good top soil laid weed membrane, then filled with woodchips from the pile in the corner of plot. Compacted with the flat of the rake then carried on with the digging and weeding of the paths and Rhubarb Bed 3

Every fork load of soil brought up a clump of couch grass and bindweed roots and in all today I have removed about four rubber trug loads of weeds from and area 1.2m x 1.2m or 4ft x 4ft.

Andy and I removed the top of the blue barrel with the circular saw and turner it upside down near to The Dalek Army on Plot 1

The top of the blue barrel made a perfect fitting lid to the cut down carrot water butt and will mean I will not have to leave it covered with the Dalek which can be moved in with the rest of his mates on plot 1

Made to measure!

Andy cleared the weeds off this bed and removed a staggering amount of169 bulbs, that are to be moved to a new home. The blue hoops were straightening out and have been put in and around the leaf bin to assist them in forming the shape I need for cages in spring 2022. The level of the leaves has dropped dramatically over the week.

Andy cleared the front of the plot and trimmed back the overhanging brambles and hawthorn then using the drill and 3" 75mm PowerPlanter started planting the bulbs for a some early colour and food for the bees on the plot.

Man (Andy) kneeling on the old boys (my) kneeling stool ,and machine, Ryobi Drill and 3" 75mm Power Planter in perfect Harmony. There are so many bulbs left and I have 100 daffs in the shed, that I will need to get down to the allotment this week to get them in the ground as they are wanting to grow.

Then it was time to go home so I laid the weed membrane back down gathered the tools and Andy and I left the plot for the day. I have to say I enjoy the company on the plot when my Son-In-Law comes to help me, and I also get more completed in a morning.

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