Monday, 20 December 2021

In My Seed Box For 2022 - Sweetcorn

My daughter Kelly declared early on in my ownership of an allotment that all sweetcorn grown was hers. Historically we have had some great harvests and the two types of corn that I have grown have been Swift and Lark F1. 2017 was extremely disappointing but it would appear that most people in the UK had a bad year with their Sweetcorn. 

In 2019 Marshalls sent me two different varieties to trial which were Alliance F1 and Tyson F1 again due to the leg injury I didn't get the infrastructure in to trial both varieties in 2019. 

The results with Marshalls Alliance F1 Hybrid Sweetcorn were nothing more than spectacular (see photos of harvest here) and I have to say they were the best Sweetcorn that I have grown to date, Tyson F1 were good but not as good as Alliance. 

This year I'm going to trial the Marshalls Moonshine F1 - 50 Seeds - £2.99 - packed year ending 03/21 and best before date 09/2022 and hope they produce as good if not better than the Alliance F1 Hybrid, only time will tell. 

With the Marshalls Moonshine having a huge 50 seeds per pack, I actually have enough seeds for two beds of 18 plant = 36 plants and thus only need a 72% Germination rate. 

However if I made two planting sheets like this 

Knowing I will not get 100% germination I could have two beds of the Marshalls seeds and hope for 96% Germination, I can always put something else in the corner of a bed if I get worse germination rate.  Or go for a 24 hole sheet and a 21 hole planting sheet. 

New! Sweetcorn Picasso F1  - 35 Seeds - a New Variety to Mr Fothergill's - Costs £2.95 

Two number 3 x 6 = 18 hole sheets would give 36 planting holes, however one never gets 100% germination.

New! Sweet Corn Illusion F1 - 25 Seeds - a new variety from Dobies - Cost £2.99

A planting sheet like this 21 hole version would be ideal and would allow for 84% Germination, in the unlikely event of near 100% germination I could use the 24 hole planting sheet.  

If possible I like to have two beds of sweetcorn. I'm always up for trying out new varieties, But I think what I have found is that I need to make a 24 hole and a 21 hole planting sheet to cover all the bases.  

At the moment I have two beds planned as far away from each other because I thought I may have two different varieties growing, however if I go for Marshalls Moonshine I can place the beds next to each other which will be better for pollination.   

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