Sunday 13 June 2021

Sheds Belly


Since the apple trees have been pollarded right back the Keter Shed in the back garden has been developing a belly. What was stored in there was exerting some pressure on the wall and in the heat from the sun the plastic decided the relax a little and with temperature predicted at 28+ coming this week, I decided I better to something about the belly before the middle panel popped out!
Saturday I noticed that I could see the edge of the middle panel with the window in. So Sunday as there was no allotment visit as I was looking after my wife and my daughter was out with her sister and friends. I hit the shed and sorted it out.
Now there is nothing bearing on the wall so I'm straightening the panel by placing the grandad posts on the side to push the belly back in. My cunning plan is for the sun to do it's magic and if I see the wall curving inwards I will remove the weight.

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