Monday 30 November 2020

Raspberry Bed Infrastructure II

Todays visit to the allotment started with using the circular saw to cut the top of the stack 2.4m x 1.2m bed frame in half and then painting the cuts and touching up the paintwork to the frames.

The 2.5m long sides were painted as they have weathered whilst waiting to be used and they were drilled with 3 pilot holes each end and then screwed into place with 75mm long screws 

The lone Dalek that was in the middle of the 2.4m length of the raspberry beds was emptied with a small shovel and the contents of acidic compost was placed in the first bed. The Lone Dalek was added to the end of the line of the lot 1 Dalek Army. 

The second half frame was removed from the stack and placed on its side on top of the first Raspberry bed and again a 2.4m long side was painted and drilled, then screwed into place. 

View of the Raspberry just before leaving at 1pm to go home for lunch and just as the rain started. 

The second 2.4m x 1.2m frame was lifted off the frame below and cut to form two 0.6m wide frames. I ended up using the hand saw on the last half of the second cut as the circular saw is really difficult to use vertically downwards and it kept binding in the slot.

First job next visit will be to turn the frames up like the first photo in this post and paint the timbers ready for the 3rd and 4th beads to be installed.   

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