Wednesday 25 November 2020

In My Seed Box for 2021 - Squash

Historically I was really not a huge squash fan, until converted by the Squash Queen Beryl Randall over at Mud & Gluts, so for the last four years I have been growing and eating Butternut Squash. If kept in ideal conditions Squash seeds can last 6 - 10 years.

In 2020 I had a bash at the two New Varieties of Winter Squash from Thompson & Morgan, one a Mash and the other an alternative to baked potatoes. 

Both packs had 12 seeds. The packs say packed in 2020 but I received them in 2019?  and Sow by Year End 2021 (Actual seed life is 6-10 years). I was really impressed with these varieties, I do have half of the seeds left from each pack and I may do these again in 2021, however I have just received .....

New!  Squash Mashed Potato - D,T.Brown - 10 Seeds £2.49

Acorn' squashes are known for their excellent flavour and this novel variety has soft buttery flesh which can be roasted and mashed for a delicious, low calorie alternative to potatoes that the whole family will love. The plants are vigorous in growth, producing on average 5-6 fruits per plants. The bright white squashes hold their colour well and make the perfect addition to hearty autumnal meals.

So are they the same as the Thompson & Morgan varieties? I can see a plant off and comparison being made in 2021

D.T.Brown don't appear to be doing the cream coloured Baked Potato Variety but mention that the Squash Mashed Potato can also be roasted? 

Other Squash seeds I have in my seed box include:-

Crown Prince - Seed Circle 2013
Black Futsu - Seed Circle 2014
Flat White Boer - Seed Circle 2015
Blue Ubbard - Seed Circle 2016 
Chetunao Organic Butternut Squash - Seed Circle 2017

Mr Fothergill's Butternut Squash 5 Seeds left - Sow By 2021
Johnsons Squash (Winter) 5 seeds left - Seeds Early Butternut - Sow By 2022

Waltham Butternut - 50 Seeds - Premier Seeds - Sow By Oct 2021
Butternut Winter Early Organic - Thompson & Morgan - Sow By 2022
Butterfly Butternut

I love the soup my Daughter Emma makes from my Butternuts and have a number of meals bagged frozen and ready to heat up and consume during 2020  

Butternut Squash Generally 

Sow Indoors - March to May
Sow Outdoors - May
Sow 3 of each variety into a pot edgeways into the compost, cover with 15mm of compost firm gently and keep moist 
Keep at approx. 15C - 20C 
Germination - Seedlings appear in 7-14 days  
Potting On at 5-6 leaf stage, stand outside for a few days in late May (avoid frost)  Transplant 600mm apart in growing position. 
Harvest July to October, Pick Regularly to encourage cropping

Tip When fruits start to swell give liquid feed every 7-10 days.

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