Monday 14 September 2020

Composting & Base to Greenhouse

My eldest daughter came to spend some time with her Mum today and so I granted myself a days leave from work, bearing in mind I actually have some work again after 5 months of shielding my wife. As there was someone at home to keep an eye on my wife, I decided to take all composting materials to the allotment.

So I removed the wheelchair from the boot and filled it and the back seat of the car with 18 buckets of composting materials and spent compost.

I'm amazed each time I visit the plot at how large the Thompson & Morgan Winter Squash is growing. Only 4 plants in the corner of each bed and now they are touching in both directions, and when I look down into the foliage I see many small squash growing. 

I cleared the bed in front of the Squash of weeds and the tarps and later decanted six buckets of spent compost onto half of it.   

I stacked the 18 buckets on the Allotment side of the gate, locked it and then went to get the wheelbarrow  

It took a few trips to barrow them to the Daleks, but it beats carrying them. 

Once stacked around the Dalek Army I then proceeded to decant the contents into the appropriate Dalek or bed 

That's not weed in the bed in front of the shed that green manure sown and watered last weekend.

The six buckets of spent compost only covered half of the bed in the bottom of the picture. 

Four lengths of timbers were cut for the base of the greenhouse and a coat of red cedar paint applied to all the faces of the four members. It's an Indian Summer and 29C and co cloud cover today and I have not sweated so much for ages, but getting the base cut and the first coat of paint felt good and gets me a little closer to getting the Greenhouse erected and clad.

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