Thursday, 3 September 2020

Tomatoes for Next Year

I made the zippy bag labels for the tomato seeds that I got for this year that were still in their packs. Most of these are F1. They will be grown in 2021 in the back garden, there are four varieties that were introduced in 2020 by Marshalls Arielle F1, Lizzano F1, Yellow Mimi F1 and Pink Charmer F1.

I have to say I have not really grown any other colour tomatoes than red because my kids opinion was if their not red then they are not a tomato and didn't even want to taste them. 

This year I grew some Hahms Gelbe Topftomate that are Heirloom - early determinate/ tall dwarf with rugose (wrinkled & puckered) leaves and produce a very tasty golden round cherry tomato. They do really good in containers and I'm saving seeds to grow again next year. 
Sweet Mullion F1 I have grown before and I like them but have never tried saving seeds and they always came up in the Wyevale Seed Sale, but as that's not going to happen anymore I may have to re think that one. 

I picked up two packs of Minibel in the Wilko Seed sale last year one sow by 2021 and the other so by 2022 with 35 seeds per pack so no need to save Minbel seeds this year or a few years to come, but they are on my repeat each year list as I love the size and taste of the fruit.

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