Saturday, 24 December 2016

I used to be indecisive now I'm just not sure

It's all to do with it being winter and planning the plot and re planning the plot !
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I had intended to square flower buckets at the end of the paths between beds for things like wildflowers for the bees so four and the others would have other container liking plants in. .

I really love eating asparagus and I have been meaning to get some in especially as you don't take anything in the first year 50% in the second and don't get a full harvest until the third and for the next 20+

So there needs to be permanent beds for it. Looking at my plan above, instead of flower buckets I'm now thinking of inserting 600x600 beds at the end or the paths and using these for everlasting Onions, Asparagus and Rhubarb. 

My question is would one crown in each 600 x 600 bed be OK and would you foresee any future problems with what I am proposing?

Beds 17 & 18 are 600 wide by 1.8m long so I would get 4 crowns in each bed at the recommended 450mm centres 

Now I do have Asparagus seeds but I'm now reading it's better to buy crowns and Marshalls have a Chefs choice option in there 2017 catalogue 3 varieties 5 crowns of each pacific 2000, Araine & Millennium plus a free harvesting knife for £14.99 which looks like a good deal as the knife sells for £6.99

So I'm torn, I can't really see myself having permanent beds in place and importantly weed free in time to buy and plant in March this year.

Do I get the infrastructure and the beds prepared this year and loose another year?

Do I go for the Flower Buckets this year on top of the areas for where the paths will be and have this as a longer term objective? 

Do I grow from seeds and that gives me a year to grow them and plant them next year?

What would you do ? Help me out here !

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