Wednesday 14 December 2016

Handy Food Container Buckets with Lids

The sun has come out to play today and as a result the outside temperature is around 10.9 degrees in the shade and 13.2 in the greenhouse. I picked up another half dozen food storage buckets with lids from my friendly local pizza shop owner & manager Amid last night. Amid is a great guy and saves these for me, bless him he had even washed them out for me. So they are out airing and drying off in the Winter sun.

So I now have buckets with lids just in time for the saving of coffee grounds, once I can find another supply that is as my sister has been transferred from Sutton to New Malden and I've lost my source as the coffee shop was opposite the bank she worked in, and I used to get them on a Tuesday when I picked her up from work.    

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