Saturday 17 December 2016

What's Next on Plot 23B

The plan above will enlarge if you click on it.

After re arranging the Space Saver Greenhouse, it's made me focus on what's next and important on plot 23B.

Area 1 Needs to be raised ready to accept the greenhouse by the end of March but in order to do that I need to extract the debris from the allotment which hopefully will come naturally from areas 2 & 3

Area 2 Which is beds 6 & 8 which the overwintering onions are to go into. With all the onions in the greenhouse this has to be priority.

Area 3 Again holds the two Walking Onion beds and needs clearing weeding and the beds made

Bonus area would be the strip along the boundary with between beds 3 - 13 which I know have lots of large lumps of concrete and hardcore that will assist in raising Area 1 

Beds 2 & 4 need a layer of leafs over and covering up, I need a few bags of sand for the soft bricks and these can be picked up Wednesday and dropped off when I'm meeting the community copper on the allotment following the break-ins

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