Sunday, 2 August 2015

You're not 23 anymore and you're over weight!

Up at 5am Breakfast then on the allotment by 6am and I worked until 12 :45 and got home for 1pm so about 6 and a half hours of work but now I have stopped my feet are throbbing & letting me know that I should have taken a few more breaks during the morning. Note to self you're not 23 and you're over weight! rest a little more often.

I watered everything and feed the tomatoes with comfrey in the morning and watered the tomatoes just before leaving the plot. Deep watering in bed 14 (Seed Circle French Beans), and the butternut squash has decided to take over the bed.

Harvested French Beans, Runner Beans, Cucumbers, Carrots, Cabbages and Dug the potatoes out of the rest of Bed 13.

Weeded Bed 15 and a general tidy up of all the flower buckets scattered around the plot. and planted Spring Onions in Bed 15. Note to self take the Beetroots in the greenhouse down Monday and Plant in Bed 15.
Cut up Comfrey for Dalek 5 topped up with alternate layers of greens (cabbage, bolted lettuce, carrot greens), brown ( shredded paper & loo rolls and Spent compost) add a sprinkle of coffee grounds and watered in layers and added some "liquid gold" before I left.

I had a tidy in the greenhouse and made soft bricks with the half a sack of sharp sand I picked up off freecycle Saturday and the sand from milk bottles that have become brittle and started to degrade.

Emptied all the sacks of Coco Peat into the dustbin which is now about half full, and I have brought a couple of square flower buckets home so I can hydrate a few more blocks and transport to the allotment whilst it's still possible to park near the gates. 

Brought Harvest & seed trays and modules home with me.

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