Monday, 31 August 2015

Preliminary Plot 23B Layout

Having taken some dimensions yesterday, I'm sketching out and thinking of how to arrange the plot some more. Basically a central path and 2.4m bed on one side and whatever the size is on the other, I know at the top end I will be able to get 2.4m but not sure about the bottom end quite yet.

I've been looking at the sheds and I'm thinking of getting a pent 6ft x 4ft and then perhaps using the back of my existing shed to extend off it in some way making a covered area for growing tomatoes under cover.

I got a telephone call from my brother in law that all the sheds down on the allotment have been broken into. It's too dark now but I will pop down tomorrow to see if anything has gone from the wheelie bin and compost bin that I'm currently using for storage.  So that's 3 brake ins in two years on Spencer Road and at Mill Green we have only had one in 3 years and that was not all the sheds.

It's now making me think about the greenhouse, Is it even worth taking it to the new plot? I will have to see if any random vandalism apart from breaking into sheds has occurred.  I hate the fact it's been raining all day and I have not been able to do anything further on either allotment.

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