Thursday, 6 August 2015

Digging Up Paths for Compost!

A visit to drop off the grass cuttings and other composting material, turned into a digging the oldest path up for brown material for the compost bin and laying new woodchips. The comfrey pipe was opened and cleaned out, and the 200mm comfrey plug was added to the top of Dalek 1 then broken up and watered in. Again layered structure in the compost bin and a 10L flower bucket of coffee grounds added and washed in as the pile was built.

The top of the compost is now around 100 - 150mm off the rim of Dalek 1, which is really not bad going as it was only started a little while ago.

As the comfrey is high and beginning to flower, I cut back all the middle stems and added them to the newly cleaned pipe. The weight is poking out of the top of the pipe and I put a little water in the top to dampen down the comfrey, and get the ball rolling. I have quite a lot of comfrey from last year.

The tops of nettles were harvested and put into one of the plastic sweet boxes that I made a little while ago and its floating away quite happily in the nettle tea water butt. I will load another plastic nettle tea bag the next time I'm down there and have time.

Watered the carrots that are under the sun tent , spring onions, onions and strawberries

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