Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fall-Harvest Planting Calculator

Watering Visit that became a harvesting visit - Cabbages, Cucumbers Runner and French Beans.

I've been thinking about what else I can sow and have just downloaded the Fall-Harvest Planting Calculator spread sheet from Johnny Seeds
Other spread sheets include
Seed-Starting Date Calculator XLS »This tool figures the dates when it's safe to plant particular early crops outside, based on the frost-free date that you specify.

Succession Planting Calculator  XLS »
This spreadsheet calculator allows you to input the date of your first planting of each crop, then it calculates the dates for later plantings. It also allows you to input your first frost date, counting back the appropriate number of days to determine the last date to plant and still get a crop before frost.

Target Harvest Date Calculator XLS »
Use this tool to coordinate production of one of more crops for harvest by a user-defined target date or otherwise important event. Determine seeding date relative to a specific harvest date.

Fall-Harvest Planting Calculator  XLS »
This spreadsheet calculator works backward from your first frost date to determine the date to start seeds for crops that will mature as it gets cold.

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