Monday, 3 August 2015

Planting more beetroots and the last of the spring onions

Dropped the wife around her sisters to baby sit so I went onto the allotment and planted a tray of beetroots and the last of the spring onions in Bed 15 which was the peas and lettuce until recently.

Covered bed 13 over with it's winter weed membrane cover. Watered everything, it's looking like another small harvest of French and Runner beans is on the cards for Sunday.

Trimmed up the grapes and topped up dalek 4 again. Then cleared more rubbish out of the greenhouse, once it is actually clear I will start on the shed and then the area around the shed. Looks like the allotment officer is on leave until Thursday so I will not get an answer until Friday about my second plot. That's one of the reasons I'm trying to get Plot 1A all sorted out and ship shape.

Harvested a load of comfrey, cut it up and primed the comfrey pipe up to the top again.

Made more sand milk bottle bricks, using the dried sand and sand from a couple of bricks where the milk bottle had become brittle. So I have quite a few new milk bottle bricks ready for using over winter to hold down the bed covering weed membrane.

Brought a load of seed trays and modules home.

I forgot to take the kitchen waste compost down to the allotment, but tonight have shredded a load of paper whilst clearing out a filing cabinet (yes isn't my life exciting!) so a visit tomorrow at some stage to feed the compost bins me thinks. I will not be able to stay and I have too much work to catch up on

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