Thursday 31 October 2013

Thursday 31st October 2013 - Rain Rain Go Away!

Really getting the hump with the weather, rain rain and more yet more rain.

I feel the need for attacking the ground and getting the rest of my allotment in order for next year, I want to be ahead of the game and not playing catch up like this year. From the looks of the 5 and 10 day weather forecast it should be dry on Sunday following a mainly dry Saturday, fingers crossed.

With the clocks going back, and the dark mornings I will not be able to get down there until about 7:30 - 8:00 but I really need some allotment therapy, and to get the overwintering spring onions out of the cold frame and into the ground covered with the half made half plot mesh / plastic cloche.

Job List in no particular order

  Tidy the racking and storage area
  Weed and manure the empty beds
  Finish construction of half bed cloche - mini polytunnel
  Build second half bed cloche - mini polytunnel
  Plant out over winter spring onions from the cold frame
  Plant out over winter cabbage from the cold frame
  If peppers are ready harvest and collapse the pop up greenhouse
  Construct the greenhouse - coldframe extension to the side of the shed
  Construct the third plastic bottle 1.2 x 1.2 m frame
  Use freecycle greenhouse framework to make a cage over a bed
  Guttering on the shed to the water butt
  Sort out the leaf stores and harvest more leafs and fill up.
  Fill up the comfrey pipe and top up the comfrey barrel.
  Dig bed 10 and create paths around
  Dig bed 11 and create paths around
  Dig Bed 12 and create Paths around
  Dig Beds 13 onwards in the triangular area
  Install kerb edgings along the main access paths
  Stake the carpet path to the ground to prevent fly away in high winds
  Lay the remainder of the paving slabs and level existing
  Infill the bottom of the path around bed 1
  Cut back the grapes for winter
  Clean off the slate chippings from freecycle - especially is water still on
  Lay slate chippings around the grapes
  Sort out the shed
  Treat the allotment padlocks with the special WD40
  Chase the council for more woodchips
  Hump said woodchips to plot and fill up the paths and sacks for the paths on the remainder of the plot

Doh! now looking at this list I really need lots of dry weather  ::),

Well I shall be self employed shortly so I may have to give myself some dry days on the allotment from December and work from my outside office - I will have my mobile phone with me.

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