Wednesday 9 October 2013

Tuesday 8th October 2013

A lunchtime visit on the way back from site as I had to pass, it was a lovely bright sunshine, Bob, Adi's Mum and Mick & his Mencap gang were there as well.

Picked up 10 bags of slate fragments on the way back from site courtesy of freecycle and offloaded them with a bag of compost from home and the peppers. The slate fragments will go down around the grapes on weed membrane to keep the weeds down and if enough under each of the monkeys in the runner bean area.

I cleared the tomato plants from the green house and two from the grow house - and replaced with the peppers, two of which are starting to turn orange, so they might just make it before the frost kills them all 

Cleared the rest of the broccoli from bed 8, and put it into the green compost bin the level of which had dropped thankfully allowing the top up.

So bed 8 is now ready for clearing and applying cardboard covered with farmyard manure, on a future visit.

Cleared the weeds from bed 9, and turned the soil a little to breakup the crust that was forming, next visit a sprinkle of chicken poo pellets, get the strawberries in and cover with the chicken wire frame, to keep Basil Brush out!

Topped up the comfrey and the water butts, ready for the water being turned off at the end of the month
. :nowink: - once I have built the greenhouse extension to the shed I will sort out the guttering to harvest rainwater.

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