Tuesday 1 October 2013

1st October 2013

A lunch time visit - Basil Brush has dug a ruddy great hole in bed 7 that I cleared and covered with farmyard manure on Sunday  :ohmy: Making noises like Mutley in Wacky Races ... I hate the Bleeping fox  :mad:

So that's it, I was going to weed but I have screwed up the first portable hooped frame that I use to set out the plots and put the edging in against after diggin and before making the paths around.

I started to cover it in the chicken wire I got off freecycle..... Next lunch time visit should see it finished

The strawberries are going to need protecting from Basil and I'm not putting them in until I have some way of keeping him out.

More ideas for fox proofing the beds are hatching in my mind, any suggestions out there?

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